Love Changes Everything

In his ongoing quest to find figures that represent love, liberty, justice, and hope, Rubem Robierb continues to explore the symbol of the bullet.

In his LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING collection, he uses the potent symbol of human-made power as representatives of profound human emotion that – just like a bullet – has the power to change your world within seconds and shatter the convictions you held true just moments ago.

In a society that glamorizes weaponry and bullets, these bullets have not only been supersized, but they are clad in gold, silver and copper chrome. Furthermore, they have been embellished with thousands of hand-applied Swarovski crystals that display words like ‘Love’ and ‘Hope’ or phrases like ‘Love Changes Everything’.

The bullets speak to the trust and fragility of giving and receiving love from another person who with that love has the potential to change and shatter everything.